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What is Direct Mail Marketing

What is Direct Mail Marketing and Why Should I Use to Promote My Small Business?


Most small business owners have heard of direct marketing, but they can not really know what it was. And there are good reasons to consider direct mail to promote your small business.


This versatile, efficient and affordable. You are allowed to give the prospect of direct attention one-on-one and allows a better control on the growth of almost all other types of promotion.


direct mail marketing is one of several types of direct response copywriting. I think it was a little confusing, but most tend to think of two terms as interchangeable. However, there is a subtle difference.


Direct marketing can be defined as the one-to-one communication sent by direct mail to potential customers for the purpose of certain actions by the recipient. direct response copywriting is basically the same, but are not limited to the delivery of mail.


Direct mail marketing is versatile


The immediate response was one of the most versatile ways of promoting small businesses there. In fact, really only limited by your imagination. Some of the most common types of direct response is:


mail letters

postcards directly

e "Lumpy"

letter of introduction Business

direct response brochures


fax directly


bulletin board

Of the eight species listed above, only the last three are not considered direct marketing, but rather be considered a different type of direct response copywriting.


Most of them are pretty obvious, but have not heard of an "packets". condensed letter only direct mail by adding something related to your message in the envelope a letter. It could be as simple as fat pencil, samples size of a bar of soap, or even children's toys. It may cost a little more, but often leads to a surprisingly high number in increasing the response rate.


And maybe you've never heard of bulletin board. Technically, they are not a form of direct response, since not sent directly to specific recipients, but on the community bulletin board where anyone in the area to find them.


boards of the Community letter can be almost as effective as direct mail letters, but has the advantage of reducing costs and reaching a wider audience. Most often delivered by hand, stapled to a bulletin board in the cities, in the window, or wherever you feel you are visible.


affordable mail


Whatever type of delivery, dollar for dollar, direct response copywriting is one of the most cost effective way to promote your small business. On average, direct mail letters cost less than $ 1 per beneficiary. This includes paper, envelopes, printing and mailing.


A postcard can directly be cheaper because it costs less to email - Total cost about 70 cents. However, higher costs of paper can equal the cost difference.


direct mail


With an average response rate of between 1 and 3%, it is one of the most effective ways to promote your small business also ways.


Unfortunately, most amateur writers (and many professionals as well) have response rates almost as high. Soon they were discouraged, they give direct mail in his first attempt showed little or no response.


One reason may be that they have chosen the wrong destination. Since an average of 5 to 7 way is needed before a potential customer actually buy something from you, once uncommon your goal is to sell.


Most of the contacts you need to get to know before you spend your earned money on a product or service. Do not expect a sale. Instead, consider buying a good introduction to beautiful mail.


One goal could be best seen as a direct response lead generation does not generate sales. For example, you may want your recipient to visit your website, you call for a free report, or contact you for more information. The types of applications are most likely to generate the kind of response you want.


Direct mail allows you to talk directly to your recipient


What other ways to promote small business allows you to directly tell your recipient? No TV, radio, billboards, or your website. In addition, with the exception of a website, television, radio and billboards is too expensive for most small business owners to consider.


Overcoming personal receiver, such as "Dear Joe" or "Dear Mrs. Smith" instead of "Dear colleague" or "Dear Owner" dramatically increase response rates. And it increases the likelihood that the recipient actually open the envelope rather than throw it open. (So ??do not use the cap is not a franking machine by the way).


Direct mail allows you to control its growth rate


Expand your small business too fast almost as dangerous as not growing fast enough! What would you do if you suddenly grow beyond your company's ability? This is the danger that you might think it would be welcome, but there is no such thing as too much growth.


With direct mail, you control its as simple as controlling the amount of direct mail letters you choose to send growth. If your goal is one of the new tracks a month, know the average response rate is 1 to 3%, you can send between 33 and 100 letters for a response


No matter how you promote your small business right now, I hope you are sure to add a direct marketing as one of your strategy. If done well, it really is one of the most effective marketing strategies for small business owners.

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